Montag, 4. Januar 2010

....a shark the lex and other things....

...yesterday we drove from SA to corpus christi - about 2hours- on the gulf again...;-)
-today we drove to CC beachside- on the big bridge to the an unbelievable aquarium with an big scary SHARK , a dolphin show and a stingra pettingzoo.!!! :-()
-it was just amazing!!!!
after the aquarium we were hungry and eat some fine meal at the

-after that we walked right to the BIG just around the corner.- an unbelievable big WWII ship- we had only 2 hours and could NOT see the whole ship - cause its that big...:-()
-but what we saw was really amazing- we were right at the commandobridge and also playing on the big 40mm guns..........
even claudia had fun on this thing!
-but after walkin for miles on this big thing-up and down-we went home really tired and ready to sleep...
-ah- and claudia saw her first american engl. bulldog in CC at the beachfront....;-)


  1. Lieber Peter und liebe Claudia,
    first of all...happy new year and thanks for your great dokumentation of your trip in usa. it sounds you guy's have a real good time over there! wonderful!
    We got back yesterday from tragöss, and ihave to say it's a really great place at zöschers.
    jonathan was very happy at the cows place and he saw the first time a birth of a little cow. it was a bull and he named him jonas. actually his name should be jonathan but when he heard that he would be killed when he is 6 month old, jonathan rather nemed him jonas...
    we had every weather situations snow, ice, rain and green gras. it was very relaxing also for me. just our dog is a kind of nasty all the time, we hope it'll be better.
    so I wish you a beautiful time and sending you a lot of greatings and hugs and kisses.
    bye susi

  2. Hallo ihr zwei Texaner! Es freut mich dass es Euch so gut gefällt und das Wetter passen dürfte.Wir haben unsere schöne Woche auch beendet. "Peet 3 Runden Skating" danach wieder Klassisch! No Comment! Schaue morgen zu Euch raus.Haben in Wien auch Schnee, soll bis Sonntag 50 cm bringen! Europaweit Caos Pur.Ihr müsst mir unbedingt Eure Ankunftszeit mitteilen! L.G.M.u.V.! Happy Days!

  3. schnee!?naja...ich glaub viell. sollten wir noch eine woche verlängern?! :-/
    -hatten heute EIS gegessen bei mind. 20°!!!
    -glaub wir kommen 16.30- aber muß nochm. schauen!
    lb. grüße