Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

....back to houston!

...tired and a little late we arrived in houston!
we try to pack all our things and souveniers and tomorrow go to the airport!
-well be back!
our airplane in vienna lands on sunday at 14.30!
vater ich sende dir extra mail!!!
see you soon!

Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010

...BIG BEND !! :-()

...after a beautiful sunrise at chisos mining motel in terlingua, we jumped right into the car and drive to near -looking for breakfast!

-at the we found some!- it was 9.57- breakfast closed at 10.00 !!!- but there was enough fine food to eat and we really had a fine brakfast with a fantastic view at the FROZEN nature outside!!!
-today we had about 25°F- yesterday we had 75°F- can u believe that!?- thats texas- the weather can change within hours!!!
with a full belly(potzak, bauch) we also filled our jeep up- and went south to the hot springs at the rio grande!!!
claudia could not believe people taking BATH right there!-the other thing thats funny- you just look over the rio grande/boarder right into mexico!
-but that was just the beginning!- a few miles later we take the old ore road north!
this old trail took us about 3 hours- and the jeep could now show what he can do...;-)
it was just amazing but after hours of ruttling and bumping we were glad to reach the north entry and some asphalt again- we decided to drive back to f. stockton- were i am sitting right NOW at 22.09 again- tired but happy- and a little bit sad- because the adventure is over - and we travel back tomorrow bout 9 hours to houston!!
asta la vista


Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

....lets go WEST !!!

-so on thursday we decided to drive WEST - from corpus christi -san antonio to fort stockton!

the drive took about 8 hours- but we had no stress and everything went easy- the intersate nr.10 is nice to drive - u set the cruise control on 70mph and just drive.....
-today we had the most beatiful and warm day (?) about 73° - we had our ICEcream at - but before we went to the original one of the forts of the famous san- antonio -el paso route
-our next stop was but claudia was not much intersted in so we went over right to -but it was only bout so we decided to drive even more south to BIG BEND-
we phoned at a gas station and reserved a room at the chisos mining comp. motel- were we arive at bout 7.30 and after dining at the funny and i am sitting here right 22.20- so we are tired and have to go to sleep now - because tomorrow BIG BEND is waiting - and this will take the whole day..............
good night amigos

Montag, 4. Januar 2010

....a shark the lex and other things....

...yesterday we drove from SA to corpus christi - about 2hours- on the gulf again...;-)
-today we drove to CC beachside- on the big bridge to the an unbelievable aquarium with an big scary SHARK , a dolphin show and a stingra pettingzoo.!!! :-()
-it was just amazing!!!!
after the aquarium we were hungry and eat some fine meal at the

-after that we walked right to the BIG just around the corner.- an unbelievable big WWII ship- we had only 2 hours and could NOT see the whole ship - cause its that big...:-()
-but what we saw was really amazing- we were right at the commandobridge and also playing on the big 40mm guns..........
even claudia had fun on this thing!
-but after walkin for miles on this big thing-up and down-we went home really tired and ready to sleep...
-ah- and claudia saw her first american engl. bulldog in CC at the beachfront....;-)

Sonntag, 3. Januar 2010

...from dragsters to buffalos!

...DRAGS NOT DRUGS thats it at this beautiful saturday- sun was shining again-so we decided to drive to the -were the season starts at 2nd of january-unbelievable...yes!
-fantastic cars and sounds everywhere!!
at 2pm we drove north to were we get in CONTACT with some exotic animals like buffalos etc.
last station was the petting zoo - of course...;-)- so claudia (yes me too) was happy again...
-so this was our last day at SA- we stayed there more days then expected but theres lot to see in this interesting city!
san antonio good bye- will miss you..!

...deutschland in texas and a turtle that bites!!!! :-()

...we drive east of SA to the were we saw our first snapping turtle live!!-oh my god -just be aware of this animal!!!
-they had some really exoting animals and we enjoyed it much!

-after that we drove to the german settled city of were we drove with the -the man at the ticketsale were german and we had some nice talkin in deutsch...;-)
newbraunfels is a really nice city- and after a "little" meal we enjoyed the christmas lights at the beautiful old buildings!
-yes thats ME with the cowboyhat..!! :-)

Samstag, 2. Januar 2010

...san antonio II and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! the weather was getting even warmer (!)- must be around 20°cel. we decided to go to the -so after a little shopping we were a little bit hungry and we went to to eat some fine turkey...;-)
and have a fine picnic .
-seaworld was expensive (bout 50$ p. person) BUT it was GREAT!!!-and worth every dollar!
-the experience with the dolphins was unforgatable- also the rides and at least the fantastic christmas show with the killerwales.!!!
-ah -yes it was 31st of december so we had a little firework there too.........
-happy new year to everybody!!!