Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010

...BIG BEND !! :-()

...after a beautiful sunrise at chisos mining motel in terlingua, we jumped right into the car and drive to near -looking for breakfast!

-at the we found some!- it was 9.57- breakfast closed at 10.00 !!!- but there was enough fine food to eat and we really had a fine brakfast with a fantastic view at the FROZEN nature outside!!!
-today we had about 25°F- yesterday we had 75°F- can u believe that!?- thats texas- the weather can change within hours!!!
with a full belly(potzak, bauch) we also filled our jeep up- and went south to the hot springs at the rio grande!!!
claudia could not believe people taking BATH right there!-the other thing thats funny- you just look over the rio grande/boarder right into mexico!
-but that was just the beginning!- a few miles later we take the old ore road north!
this old trail took us about 3 hours- and the jeep could now show what he can do...;-)
it was just amazing but after hours of ruttling and bumping we were glad to reach the north entry and some asphalt again- we decided to drive back to f. stockton- were i am sitting right NOW at 22.09 again- tired but happy- and a little bit sad- because the adventure is over - and we travel back tomorrow bout 9 hours to houston!!
asta la vista


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