Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2009

...houston we have a problem..houston bitte kommen!!

-more about nasa lter!-since i could not sleep since 3 in the morning(!!)-we were happy to go to breakfast at 6 o clock!!-we have a funny little brekfastroom with our OWN wafflemachine!! ;-) - later we were shopping at -where we bought some nice stuff- reebok and nike shoes for bout 35 dollars!?-unbelievable!!
-so later we go to the - there were about thousands of people so we had to waitt bout 1 and a half hour for our special tour...:-/
-BUT after when you see those big rockets you forget about that-amazing!!- after that we were in the nasa shop for also bout an hour...
-after this exhausting day we quickly drove to IHOP - the pancakes were so big we had problems to eat them..;-)- the coffe is about a half liter and costs about 2 euros...!!!

...but even after tons of coffee claudia was so tired she sleped within 5 minutes after comin home to our motel.......

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  1. Mutter hat gemeint wer das alles isst was auf dem Bild zu sehen ist. Ich habe gesagt das MEISTE STOPFT sicher Claudia !?????? Könnt Ihr die Kommentare lesen? L.G. V.und M.!